Emery/Weiner Students Participate In Opening Ceremonies

August 28, 2008

As the curtain rose and a disco ball descended during The Emery/Weiner School’s annual opening ceremonies,. Head of School Stuart Dow strolled on stage in a Travolta-esque leisure suit, complete with black platform boots, in an effort to teach the school a lesson on success.

Dow used dance to demonstrate the importance of desire, determination and discipline to a person’s success in life. Students were treated to disco, tango and hip hop performances from professional dancers, and certain seniors were even pulled on-stage for an impromptu dance-off.

Woven throughout the performances were examples of hard-working success stories, such as Michael Phelps, J.K. Rowling, and Achak Deng, who was one of the famed Lost Boys of Sudan (and subject of the novel “What is the What”, a required read for Emery/Weiner Upper School students).

Emery/Weiner’s opening ceremonies are designed to present the theme for the school year in an entertaining context that all members of the school community will remember and act upon.

Last year, Dow demonstrated the power of words through percussion, dressed as a roadie and involving the 500-person audience in a series of impromptu drumming performances; a previous ceremony included a gospel and blues singer performing in Hebrew to demonstrate passion; another year, the theater was transformed into an airport terminal to teach the notion of journeys; still another involved Zen-like chanting and the distribution of meditation bells to instill mindfulness.

The Emery/Weiner School is a private middle and high school located in Southwest Houston. Accredited by SACS and ISAS and enrolling more than 450 students, the school offers a curriculum including both secular and Judaic studies. For more information, visit www.emeryweiner.org or call 832-204-5900.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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