Emergency Personnel Remain At West U.’s EOC, Residents Advised To Boil Tap Water Before Drinking

September 14, 2008

City of West U. crews and emergency personnel remain at the Emergency Operations Center today, Sept. 14, after Hurricane Ike hit late Friday night through early Saturday morning.

The EOC is set up in City Council Chambers at the Municipal Building, and City Manger Michael Ross says power failure is the biggest issue facing the city at this point. The EOC briefly regained power around 4 p.m. yesterday, but the incoming storm knocked it out again.

Generators at the city’s North Braeswood water treatment plant are not functioning, which causes a delay in sewage treatment. The city is issuing a “boil notice” advising residents to boil any tap water before drinking it.

City crews have been clearing tree limbs and debris from the roadway, and will work on collection at a later point. City crews cannot perform work on private property, so residents are advised to prepare to clear their own property.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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