Early Completion Estimated For Eastside Paving On Kirby

September 26, 2008

Eastside paving on Kirby Drive is between the intersection with Bolsover Street and Rice Boulevard, which is the final block of paving with the current segment of the project. Kirby Drive’s east intersection with both Bolsover Street and Rice Boulevard are currently closed due to construction.

The City of West U. is currently drafting a tree protection plan for sidewalk construction on the east side of Kirby Drive from Holcombe Boulevard to University Boulevard. Once completed, the draft with be sent to the City of Houston for review.

The City of Houston anticipates bidding Segment 4 of the project from just south of Kirby Drive’s intersection with Robinhood Street north past city West U. city limits this month. Construction should begin, at the earliest, mid-January of 2009.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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