Defibrillator Used On Lamar Athlete Who Collapsed Before Football Practice

August 4, 2008

Lamar High School officials used one of the school’s new defibrillators to help revive a 10th-grade football player who collapsed on the field during a stretching exercise before practice this morning.
School officials said just after 9 a.m., football players dressed in shorts and shirts but with no pads and helmets had just started a stretching drill when the 15-year-old incoming 10th grader collapsed. School officials said he appeared to have some sort of seizure, and his heart and breathing stopped.
Lamar High School, like all HISD schools, is equipped with automatic heart defibrillators. A coach used a defibrillator to help revive the student, and another coach performed CPR.
The student is in stable condition at a local hospital, Lamar Principal James McSwain said.
“Our staff moved very quickly to help the student,” McSwain said. “The defibrillator was right there as planned, and our staff did a great job in using their training to help the student.”
Head Football Coach Tom Nolen said his entire staff had just undergone recertification in CPR last week.
HISD has defibrillators available at every campus. Larger schools like Lamar have several defibrillators, and coaches are instructed to keep the defibrillators nearby in the case of emergency.
The football players were in the outfield grass of the baseball field and had just started to stretch in preparation for the practice when the student collapsed.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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