‘Dangerous’ West U Home Finally Demolished After Falling into Disrepair

May 31, 2012

A West U home has finally been demolished after years of falling into disrepair and being deemed “dangerous” by the city.

A demolition permit was issued last week for the home at 4144 Coleridge and was torn down by this afternoon.

Former property owners Larry and Judith McDowell sold the home to 9-Lite Construction in March after years of receiving violations from the city and complaints from neighbors about the condition of the home.

The McDowells were ordered to demolish or repair the garage on their property by the West U Building and Standards Commission in July of 2011 and then again in October of 2011.

The garage was not repaired or demolished by the dates laid out by the BSC. The McDowell’s were issued three citations and were fined $1,000 per violation.

Several of the McDowell’s neighbors addressed the BSC with their concerns about the property and said that it had been vacant since 2008. The neighbors also said that a “for sale” sign had been put up and taken down numerous times since 2009.

“We’ve seen it deteriorate to the worst on the block,” Coleridge Street resident Steve Malashock told the BSC last year. “Basically it’s an eyesore.”

The city has received complaints about the home at 4144 Coleridge for years.

Many neighbors said that the property owners were feeding cats, but no evidence was ever found to prove it, Animal Control Officer Daniel Paripovich said.

The McDowells owned a second home at 4132 Coleridge, which caught on fire in February 2003. The house was filled with more than two dozen cats that died in the fire.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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