DA Presents WUPD With $98,340 From Seized Assets

October 28, 2008

Harris County District Attorney Ken Magidson presented West U. Police Chief Ken Walker with a check for $98,340 at Monday night’s city council meeting. The money come from seized assets from criminal activity, and Magidson has asked law enforcement agencies around Harris County how they could best use the money.

Walker requested the funds for digital recording devices for marked patrol cars, to replace the current system which requires DVDs to be stored, portable fingerprinting equipment to help validate the identity of suspects while on patrol and bullet proof vests for officers.

“It’s an honor and a privilege to be the District Attorney of Harris County, and one of the projects I wanted to complete before I leave here is to make the criminal justice system a better place,” said Magidson. “That is to ensure not only the integrity of the system, but that people have faith that when they go down to jury duty in our buildings at the criminal justice center that we are doing the best possible job we can. That when we bring a criminal case we are going to bring the kind of evidence we can be proud of. That we are going to enhance law enforcement and make officer safety a tremendous issue.”

Walker accepted the check on behalf of the department. “It’s kind of heartwarming to know that the criminals of Harris County gave us this money,” said Walker.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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