Crime Report: Officer on Bicycle Patrol Arrests Two Car Burglars

August 2, 2013


Burglary of Motor Vehicle

At 1:43 am, an officer was on bicycle patrol in the 6400 block of Wakeforest. While on bicycle patrol, the officer saw two subjects exit a driveway where there were several vehicles parked. The suspects were stopped and it was learned that two of the vehicles were entered and rummaged through. A victim was located and some of the property in the suspects’ possession was identified as coming from his vehicle. The suspects were arrested for burglary of a motor vehicle. The suspects have a history of theft, drugs, unlawful use of motor vehicle, prostitution, burglary of motor vehicle and unlawful carry of a weapon. Suspect one has 25 prior arrests and suspect two has 17.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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