Council To Hold Public Hearings On “Front Yard Maneuvering”

January 27, 2009

Council will soon call for a public hearing on an amendment to the city ordinance to allow for front yard maneuvering along Buffalo Speedway. Front yard maneuvering concerns the amount of driveway area allowed and the location of the driveways on residential sites.


Currently, the city’s ordinance allows for font yard driveway areas only for homes along major thoroughfares, designated as Kirby Drive, Bellaire Boulevard and Bissonnet Street. The revisions to the ordinance would change the language to include any street with four or more lanes, which would include Buffalo Speedway. The maneuvering areas allow cars to turn around and enter the street facing forward, eliminating safety risks associated with busier roads.


West U. residents will have an opportunity to speak at the public hearings before any changes are made to the ordinances.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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