Council To Hear Proposal For Geriatric Nurse Program

August 8, 2008

West U. City Council will hear Monday at a special meeting a proposal for a Geriatric Nurse Program for the city. The meeting will take place at 5:40 in the conference room of the Municipal Building 3800 University Blvd.

The proposal will be made by Stan McCandliss, Senior Board Chairman, Toby Brooks, Senior Services manager and Maureen Beck, a Senior Board member and geriatric nurse.

The concept, brought to council’s attention at a previous meeting, involves having a certified nurse who can check on the welfare of at-risk seniors in the city. The idea has been discussed since last year, after a group from the Senior Board and the Good Neighbor Team went to an elderly resident’s home to do some housecleaning. The resident was found on the living room floor, in need of medical attention.

The proposal outline states that staff believes the service should be based solely on need and not age and available only to West U. residents. Participation criteria would include medical disabilities, mental disabilities, income criteria such as health and long-term care insurance, Medicare and Medicaid, living conditions and the availability of family.

The program would include contracting with a registered nurse and an alternative nurse, in-home visits to assess living conditions, medical assessments, social service referrals and regular follow-ups.

The proposal estimates the program to cost the city $13,000 annually. The nurse is estimated to work five hours weekly at $50 an hour.

The proposal also indicates that the city needs to investigate the legal and fiscal responsibilities of providing the service.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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