Council Shakes Up Boards

September 5, 2009

The West University Place City Council shook up several city boards and commission Thursday, after an unprecedented number of residents volunteered to serve the city.

The council also has tentatively approved expanding the Parks and Recreation board and the Recycling Committee. Those panels will go from nine to 11 members.

A large number of residents, including many women, will be serving on boards or commissions for the first time.

The 15 West U residents who serve as members of the Senior Services Advisory Committee were not changed.

The three statutory boards in West U are the Buildings and Standards Commission, the Zoning Board of Adjustment and the Zoning and Planning Commission.

Bryant Slimp will serve as chair of the Building and Standards Commission, and David Flame will serve as vice-chair. The other members of the BSC are Karen Johnson, Laurinda Lankford and Frank Griffin,  Alternates are Ed Heathcott, Thomas Kearns, Gerami Granello and John Tsertos.

Richard Wilson will chair the Zoning Board of Adjustment with Jean Howse serving as vice-chair. Other members of the panel are Samantha Brantley, Carol Steen and Frank Vargas, with alternates Andrew Zeve, Glenn Roberts, Cliff Thuott and Martha Bersch.

Steve Brown will chair the Zoning and Planning Commission, with Bruce Frankel serving as vice-chair. The other members are Lauren Griffith, Dick Yehle, DeDe DeStefano, Sam Parikh, and Bob Higley.

Jan Kellog will chair the Recycling and Solid Waste Reduction Board, with John Wilkinson as vice chair. The other members are Julie Edwards, Mary Barnwell, Yvonne Jacobs, Carolyn Betti, Suzanne Penley, Ankur Kadakia and Greg Jarvie. If the two new positions are approved, they will be filled by Edwina Forster and Chad Farrell.

Russ Schulze will continue to serve as co-chair of the Parks Board, with vice chair Janine Schueppert. The Friends of West U Parks also makes one appointment to the parks board.

The other members will be Teresa Edmondson, John Cadena, Sona West, Mardi Turner, Kathleen Colt and Charles May. If the council approves new positions, they will be filled by Kevin Boyle and Jeffrey Lilly.

Stand McCandless and John Neighbors are returning as co-chairs of the Seniors Board. The other members are Maureen Beck, Maureen Graf, Mary Lee Gray, Joan Johnson, Selby Clark, Janet Vrancken, Jo Lukens, Lyndon McKnight, Celia Chipman, Mary Ryerson, Joe Mitchell and Cathy Wright.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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