Council Removes Charter Amendments from May Ballot

February 27, 2013

West U residents may have nothing to vote on in the upcoming May 11 election.

The West U City Council has pulled the charter review amendments from the ballot and will bring them back for a special election in November 2014. As of today, no one but the current city council has filed for the election and there is a possibility that the election may be cancelled.

The decision to postpone a vote on the charter amendments was made by council Monday night after receiving some opposition from residents.

Council heard a report from its Charter Review Committee last November, when the group proposed revisions to seven sections of the city’s charter.

The amendments include: increase the number of successive terms permitted for mayor and council members from two to three; increase the number of signatures required on initiative and referendum petitions from three percent to five percent of the qualified voters of the city; limit the four-fifth vote requirement to a six-year period; require the city secretary to report to the city manager; change reference of “Commissioners” to “Council Members.”

To view the Charter Review Committee’s report, click here.

The city council is going to ask the Charter Review Committee to hold public meetings to educate the public on their proposed changes before the changes come back to voters.

“We’ve been very strong on getting as much public information as we could,” Mayor Bob Fry said Monday night. “There’s some awfully good stuff in here that we don’t want to lose.”

Many members of council said the amendments are “excellent” but that they thought it was important to get information out about the proposed changes.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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