Council Approves Two Zoning Ordinances

August 12, 2008

Despite concerns raised by Councilman Michael Talianchich, two zoning ordinances passed at Monday night’s West U. City Council meeting.

The ordinance that passed 3-1, with Talianchich voting against and Councilwoman Phyllis Cohen absent, created a minimum nine-foot “mirror to mirror” driveway width. The actual paved area does not have to be nine feet, but the area the vehicle travels through has to be at least nine feet.

“I must admit, I have a problem with nine-foot, because we are setting ourselves up to get flack from people,” said Talianchich. “…I think that’s too narrow.”

The ordinance allows for pervious pavement as opposed to hard-surfaced pavement, and requires an additional parking space between the garage and the public roadway that does not cross the public sidewalk.

The second ordinance passed 4-0, and requires at least two garage parking spaces per house and requires they be enclosed or semi-enclosed and adjoining a driveway. An additional requirement for a minimum “maneuvering area” outside garages was deleted after input at a public hearing and discussion at a previous council meeting.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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