Council Approves Plans For Colonial Park Building

June 9, 2009

West U. Council has approved the design for the new Colonial Park building, which will sit in a smaller footprint than C:Documents and SettingssshuhupDesktopPGAL ProjectWest U Cothe current building, adding more greenspace to Colonial Park and more deck space to Colonial Park pool.


The building, about 4,800 sq. ft., is architecturally similar to the new Fitness Center under construction, using stone and stucco. It includes two multi-purpose rooms, dressing rooms for men and women that are accessible from the inside of the building as well as the new pool deck, storage, offices for recreation and instructional staff and a concession stand that is accessible from the pool area as well as outside of the building on the Byron Street side. The plans also include C:Documents and SettingssshuhupDesktopPGAL ProjectWest U Coa poolside family restroom and a park side family restroom, which Parks and Recreation Director Tim O’Connor says will be locked after park hours.


A large covered area leads to the pool area, and is accessible from a hallway inside the building, the larger multi-purpose room and the dressing rooms.


Council chose Option A for the building, with the only difference from R:215080765-CADSDsselevnplanoption 4.dwg Model (1)Option B being the size of the covered walkway at the entrance of the building off of Byron Street. The approved plan includes about 220 sq. ft. of additional covered space at an estimated additional cost of about $75,000.


O’Connor said the additional space is a better option, especially during swim lessons when children are waiting for their parents to pick them up. Although the Parks Board was unable to discuss the proposed plans due to a lack of quorum, Parks Board Chair Russ Schulze was present at Monday night’s special council meeting, and Mayor Bob Kelly asked his opinion on the plans.


Schulze said he is concerned about two trees that PGAL’s Jeff Gerber says could cause a problem with the expanded covered walkway, but the additional cover is preferable, especially during inclement weather.


Gerber says the building can be shifted either east or west to accommodate the trees, which would add either more park space or more deck space for the pool area without going over the existing footprint of the building.


Council adopted Option A unanimously, with the exception of Councilman Bob Fry, who was absent.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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