Council Approves New Heater To Allow Colonial Park Pool To Remain Open Through Winter

November 10, 2008

An overflowing conference room in West U.’s Municipal Building erupted into applause Monday night as council approved $20,000 on Nov. 10 for the Parks and Recreation Department to purchase a new pool heater so Colonial Park pool could remain open through the winter.

The Parks Department originally proposed that the pool should close the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, and reopen as the weather warmed. The current heater, purchased two years ago for $16,000, was designed for an enclosed facility, and could not meet the requirements for an outdoor pool.

After much communication between year-round lap swimmers concerned about the pool’s closure, the Parks Department revised their proposal, and requested the money for a new heater.

The new heater will be rated for use in an outdoor pool. The architectural firm hired to design the new pool facilities just approved by voters in the $13.8 million bond election will be asked to incorporate both heaters into the design, to eliminate the need to purchase new heaters.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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