Council Appoints West U Residents to Charter Review Commission

June 11, 2012

The West U City Council tonight approved the appointment of seven members to its charter review commission.

The city’s code of ordinances requires the city council to appoint seven residents to a charter review commission every six years.

The following residents have been selected by the council to serve on the committee:

Phyllis Cohen, chair

John Neighbors, vice chair

Ann Whitlock, regular member

Katherine Shoebotham, regular member

Dennis Butler, regular member

Philip Bryant, regular member

John Palmer, regular member

Marshall Clinkscales, alternate member

Russell Schulze, alternate member

The committee’s term will last six months unless extended by the council.

The commission is responsible for inquiring into the operations of the city government and review the charter to determine whether the charter needs revision; propose to council recommendations if necessary to insure that the city government and its operations comply with the charter; propose to council recommendations if necessary to improve the effectiveness of the charter; make a written report of its findings and recommendations to council; present to council proposed charter amendments if any are considered necessary; and meet at least once every two months during its term.

The council is expected to hold a workshop to discuss specific parts of the charter that they would like the commission to look at. City staff will also redline items for the commission to review.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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