Could West U suspect be linked to Bellaire robbery? Police are investigating

October 20, 2015

By Charlotte Aguilar

Bellaire police are investigating whether a man captured by West U officers in the act of attacking a woman in her home in an attempted robbery Monday morning is the same armed man who robbed a Bellaire resident at home Saturday morning.

“There are enough similarities where we’re considering him seriously as a suspect,” Bellaire Police Chief Byron Holloway said Tuesday.

West U police arrested 51-year-old Arnold Martin in the home of Claudia Velasco Osorio in the 3900 block of Browning Street around 8 a.m. Monday. He told them he had taken a bus to West U “looking for some money for a drug addiction,” according to West U Sgt. Phil Clark. When he was apparently surprised that anyone was at home, he rushed in through the back door slashing at Velasco Osorio with a garden saw.

The victim – a high-ranking official in the Mexican Consulate in Houston — fought back, suffered cuts, and was hospitalized.

Police had been alerted by an aborted 911 call – said to be made by the maid – where screams could be heard. So quick was the response that the first West U officer on the scene could hear the attack going on.

On Saturday morning, a resident in the 4300 block of Bellaire Boulevard answered a knock on the door and found a man brandishing a gun and holding a flower pot. The man burst in, checked the house for valuables, loaded them into the victim’s vehicle and drove away.

That vehicle was found abandoned around noon in northeast Houston.

The suspect, Martin, reportedly has a criminal history, including a 20-year prison sentenced for armed robbery.

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