Correction To Vote Count On Fees Schedule

January 14, 2010 incorrectly reported the count on Monday’s city council vote on the recreational facilities’ fee schedule.

During Monday’s meeting, the council passed the fee schedule 4-1, with Councilman Steven Segal voting against the fees. After the meeting, interviewed Councilman George Boehme, who had voted “yes” for the fees although his comments during the meeting seemed to be opposed to the fees.

At that time, Boehme said he had mistakenly voted in favor of the fees although he meant to vote against them. Boehme said he had asked that the official vote record be changed to indicate he voted against the proposal.

Based on this conversation, reported the vote was 3-2.

City Secretary Thelma Lenz today confirmed that the vote was 3-2, but after double checking with Executive Secretary Gayle Schultz, who sat in for Lenz during the Jan. 11 meeting, Lenz found that the official record does show the vote as 4-1.

“What she’s going to show in the minutes is that I intended to vote against it,” Boehme said today. regrets the error.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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