Construction Update

May 8, 2009

The northern lanes of Bellaire Blvd. from Weslayan Street west to the city limit have been reopened. Demolition and repaving of the northern lanes of Bellaire Blvd. between Auden Street and Edloe Street are in process. The contractor anticipates the first pour of concrete beginning at Stella Link going eastward next week. According to West U. city officials, it is anticipated that adequate pavement will be poured and cured to bring all westbound traffic back to the northern lanes sometime in June.


The replacement of the water main on Bellaire Blvd. from West U.’s elevated tower to Stella Link is nearly complete; it will be completed and tested next week. The contractor  anticipates beginning the preparation and installation of paving in the intersection of Bellaire Blvd. and Stella Link (north side) on Monday, May 11, weather permitting. The work will be done in three sections, starting west and continuing eastward, to allow for continued north/south traffic on Stella Link through this process. In an effort to expedite this work a “quick-set” concrete will be used. Traffic patterns will change throughout the process. The placement of storm water boxes continues northbound on College Avenue, and has progressed from Riley Street to a point within the intersection of Oberlin Street. Work is in process to “pour in place” a box at the nexus of multiple utility lines at this location; once this is completed, box installation will proceed northward. The contractor has poured concrete on College Avenue from Riley Street to Villanova Street. Northbound traffic on College Avenue is detoured between Villanova Street and Case Street. As construction proceeds north, this traffic control will also move consistent with the construction zone. In the construction zone is established on College Avenue. Periods of “one way” and “controlled access” are in process.


The revised tentative schedule (subject to change) is as follows:


College Ave. from Riley Street to University Blvd. – April 2009 to August 2009

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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