Community Magazine: Launches West University Essentials

July 30, 2012

West U residents can expect to receive their first issue of West University Essentials in their mailbox this week.,’s parent company, is launching its first print publication with a monthly community magazine.

The announcement was made today by InstantNewsNetwork Managing Partner and West U resident George Boehme.

“I am very excited to introduce our first monthly edition of West University Essentials to my friends and neighbors,” Boehme said. “In a city that provides so many services to its residents and so many amenities not only for children, but for adults and our senior residents, I realized we needed a publication we could hold in our hand, keep on our kitchen table or tack onto the fridge that lets us know everything going on in our neighborhood month by month.”

The first issue of West University Essentials features stories on back to school, provides information on registering for fall sports and highlights a community favorite event, Fathers and Flashlights.

The color pages of the magazine are filled with community interest stories, photos of families and children and city information that are essential to residents.

West University Essentials will not only provide useful information for residents, but it will showcase the people who make the city such a great place to live.

Boehme said the decision to launch a community magazine followed the success of the company’s local news operations. includes,,,,,, and

The news organization has plans to launch community magazines in many of its coverage areas in the future.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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