Cohen Wins Endorsement From Environmental Nonprofit

February 16, 2010

A state environmental group recently endorsed State Rep. Ellen Cohen as a choice for the March 2 primaries after reviewing her record on legislation for environmental stewardship efforts. Cohen represents West University Place and surrounding areas.

The Texas League of Conservation Voters analyzed the voting records of all Texas legislators and endorsed lawmakers who earned “A” ratings for being “pro-conservation.” Cohen won an endorsement from the nonprofit organization, along with 15 other lawmakers from the Houston area and many more statewide.

Cohen earned a 91 percent score because she voted positively on legislation concerning electronic waste exporting, green state buildings and vehicle fleets, television recycling, weatherization, solar financing and more.

“Today the TLCV endorses those State Senators and Representatives standing for re-election who demonstrated the strongest commitment at the legislature for clean air, clean water and clean energy, and for proper stewardship of Texas’ beaches, state parks and open spaces,” said the group’s Executive Director David Weinberg in a statement. “We encourage Texans to vote for these pro-conservation candidates on March 2nd.”

According to the statement, the group’s scorecard provides objective, factual information about conservation voting records, and helps hold the Texas Legislature accountable. This year’s anaysis a range of votes and issues like renewable energy, green technologies, and recycling and waste disposal.

House members were graded on 12 votes. Senate members were graded on 11 votes. Absences were counted negatively because they have the same effect as a “no” vote.  Excused absences and members not voting while serving as Chair were not counted as negative votes.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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