Cohen Ends Four Years Of Service With Advice To New Council

June 1, 2009

Phyllis Cohen ended her four years on the West U. City Council with some advice to the new council on a couple of issues. Cohen told the new council they should focus on a new police station which is “long overdue” and be “judicious and cautious” regarding a new tree ordinance.


Cohen stepped down Monday night as new councilmen George Boehme and Steven Segal were sworn in alongside retuning Mayor Bob Kelly and returning councilmen Chuck Guffey and Bob Fry. Fry was renamed Mayor Pre-tem after a motion by Boehme.


Kelly said the outgoing council is probably “one of the best city councils this city has ever had” because of the issues faced in the past two years.


“Of course, not the least is the recreational facilities, and the fact we went from a defeated bond issue two years ago to getting that reinstated,” said Kelly.


Fry said Cohen has been a “rock” and that it as a privilege to serve with her.


“…How fortunate we were to have Phyllis Cohen serve for four years,” said Fry, who added that Segal, with four years previous council experience and Boehme, as a former newspaper publisher, should be able to begin their terms with very little learning curve.


“I am going to miss you all terribly – well terribly may be an overstatement,” said Cohen, as she thanked city staff and previous council members. “Good luck, have fun, I’ve enjoyed it.”

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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