City Of West U. In ‘Watchful Mode’ As Hurricane Ike Approaches

September 10, 2008

Then City of West U. is monitoring Hurricane Ike, and expects a 4:30 p.m. phone call today, Sept. 10, to give city personnel a better idea of what the city can expect.

The conference call, one of two daily conference calls the city has been participating in all week, will take place between city personnel, the state operations center and the National Weather Service.

“We are just on a monitoring, watchful mode,” said West U.’s Emergency Management Coordinator, Fire Chief Steve Ralls. “Tomorrow will give us a real good idea…if it looks like it is going to turn north, we will activate the Emergency Operations Center, call in our essential personnel, batten everything down and ride it out.”

At this point, all essential city personnel have been told to take care of their own homes so they can report to the city if needed, construction crews have been told to clean up their sites and secure materials, water storage tanks have been pumped up to maximum capacity, tree service companies are on standby in case they are needed, city vehicles are fueled and all city equipment has been tested.

The side of the Public Works Building that faces Milton, which is predominantly glass, has remained boarded since Hurricane Gustav. The doors will most likely be boarded tomorrow, along with other city buildings, if necessary.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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