City May Purchase/Trade Two Pieces Of Land To Extend Rec. Center Property

August 13, 2008

The City of West U. may be closer to purchasing two residential properties between the West U. Recreational Center and Westpoint Dr. One of the property owners has expressed interest in a trade for another property within the city, while the other says he may be willing to sell.

The city has shown interest in the 6728 Westpoint Street and 4204 Cason St. properties since purchasing the old YMCA for use as a recreation center.

“It just makes sense to extend our property to the street rather than have two residential properties between us and the street,” said City Manager Michael Ross. “It would give us better security and better ingress and egress.”

According to city officials, the owners of the Westpoint property have indicated a willingness to sell the property to the city. The Harris County Appraisal District lists the 2008 appraised value of the property as $281,383 for the land and $161,539 for the improvement, for a total of $442,922.

The owner of the Cason Street property told city officials he wanted to remain in West U., and would consider exchanging his land for another city-owned property. The city owns a property at 3501 Corondo Court, which was purchased about a year ago for open space. The city hoped to eventually purchase the land adjacent to the property, with the possibility of the land becoming a pocket park. The Corondo property was bought with money from the general fund reserve, at a cost of $420,000.

The Cason Street property’s HCAD value for 2008 was $194,481 for the land and $10,957 for the improvements, for a total of $205,438.

Ross says the city is in the process of determining the fair market value of all properties involved. The issue will be brought to council for any action.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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