City Manager Issues Statement Concerning Tropical Storm Edouard

August 4, 2008

Michael Ross, city manager for the City of West U., has issued a statement to residents concerning Tropical Storm Edouard. The city’s Emergency Operations Center will be in place tonight at city hall, with city staff remaining in contact with county and state EOC’s.

“This is Michael Ross, City Manager and Public Information Officer for the City of West University Place,” says Ross in the statement. “The City of West U. is currently in the projected path of Tropical Storm Edouard with expected landfall Tuesday morning. Evacuation is not necessary but you should prepare your property for a strong tropical storm that could produce hurricane-force gusts.

“The city requests that residents secure or store all outside loose items that could become projectiles during a storm. Please top off gas tanks and prepare a family supply kit with food, water, etc. for 1 – 3 days in the event of power outages. Expect localized street flooding in the usual locations and keep your vehicles off the roads to avoid water damage.

“All routine City services, such as solid waste collection and recreational programs are cancelled for tomorrow and will remain discontinued until City workers are able to address the emergency related issues. Please do not call 9-1-1 unless there is a genuine emergency…”

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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