City Council Implements “No Questions Asked” Fee Waiver For Senior Citizens

December 16, 2013

During the annual budget process, the City Council made some changes to the charges for senior citizens. The city staff annually assesses all fees and charges involving the Parks and Recreation Department, and subsequently conducts a review of the recommendations for the coming year with the West University Place Parks Board; the Parks Board then makes a recommendation to the City Council.

The 2014 fees were not changed due to a financial crisis, rather as a result of equity considerations for all residents.  The demographics of WUP are changing and many of our residents over the age of 64 are still working and it is assumed can afford to pay a portion of the direct operating costs of the city’s recreational facilities.  However, to maintain the city’s commitment to all senior age residents enjoying the best quality of life possible through city services, Council implemented a “no questions asked” membership fee waiver insuring that no senior resident will be denied membership due to a hardship.  Interested individuals may log-on to the City’s website to view the entire 2014 Municipal Fee Schedule.

Effective February 1, 2014 the following Fee Schedule changes will be implemented and all current senior memberships will be honored through their expiration date.

West University Place Recreation Center

All residents age 65 to 74 will receive a 50% discount on all membership and walk-in admission fees.

All residents age 75 and older will receive free membership and walk-in admission.

All residents with a Disability Exemption will receive free membership and walk-in admission.

Any resident age 65 to 74 may continue to receive a free membership simply by requesting and signing the “no questions asked” fee waiver.

Colonial Park Pool

All residents ages 65 and older will continue to receive free membership and walk-in admission privileges.

All residents with a Disability Exemption will receive free membership and walk-in admission.

For more information, please contact the Parks and Recreation Director at or 713-662-5894.