City Closes On Properties Leading To Fitness Center, Demolition Should Begin In June

May 19, 2009

The City of West U. now owns the two properties at the city’s entrance to the Fitness Center currently under construction. The current occupants of 6738 Westpoint and 4204 Cason should be moved out by the end of the month and Tellepsen will proceed with demolition.


The Fitness Center was designed with the acquisition of the two properties in mind.


In February, council authorized Ross to execute a $5,000 option that the city may purchase the property at 6738 Westpoint for $680,000. The option runs through June 30 and the $5,000 would apply to the purchase.


Council also authorized in February a $5,000 option that the city may exchange the property at 4204 Cason for the city-owned property at 3501 Corondo Court. This option also runs through June 30, and the money will apply to the closing costs of the exchange.


“It allows us to get the additional parking spaces – 35 to 40 more parking spaces – and it gets us greenspace and frontage on West Point,” said City Manager Michael Ross at a City Council meeting earlier this month. “It will allow for ingress and egress much more smoothly.”


With a price of about $65 per sq. ft., Ross says the purchase is being made below appraised value.


“This council has a fortuitous situation arise with these two homeowners willing to sell,” said Mayor Bob Kelly.


The city has shown interest in the properties since purchasing the old YMCA for use as a recreation center. The two homes are on either side of the section of road leading to the driveway into the Fitness Center parking lot from Westpoint, and are the only entrance to the facility inside city limits.


The Harris County Appraisal District lists the 2008 appraised value of the West Point property as $281,383 for the land and $161,539 for the improvement, for a total of $442,922.


The owner of the Cason Street property told city officials he wanted to remain in West U., and would consider exchanging his land for another city-owned property. The Corondo Court property was purchased by the city about a year ago for open space. The city hoped to eventually purchase the land adjacent to the property, with the possibility of the land becoming a pocket park. The Corondo property was bought with money from the general fund reserve, at a cost of $420,000.


The Cason Street property’s HCAD value for 2008 was $194,481 for the land and $10,957 for the improvements, for a total of $205,438.


InstantNewsWestu Staff

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