Chief Meteorologist Visits Presbyterian School

October 2, 2008

ABC Channel 13 Chief Meteorologist Tim Heller visited Presbyterian School a week after Hurricane Ike struck Houston. Third and fifth grade students were given an in depth lesson about all aspects of a hurricane. Heller discussed the size of Ike and drew illustrations of the “eye wall” of a hurricane. He also taught students about the planes that fly into the center of hurricanes and how hurricanes get their names.

Heller covered other aspects of meteorology including how weather balloons are used. He brought a balloon for the students to see and showed them the device that connects to the balloon to help meterologists read the weather.

Tim Heller’s visit to Presbyterian School was timely, according to school representatives, because Science teachers Donna Blackburn and Kady Van Hook were concurrently engaging their students in the study of weather and climate. Third grade students individually created anemometers to measure wind speed and as a class made a barometer to measure air pressure and a hygrometer to measure humidity. Third graders tested their weather instruments outside and also studied the results taken from their barometer and hygrometer to see if there was a correlation between the two sets of data.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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