Chase Customer Robbed – Suspects Have One Gun, One Bible

April 14, 2009

West U. police are investigating the aggravated robbery of a Chase Bank customer in the 4000 block of Bellaire Blvd. The victim was leaving the bank and approaching his car when he was approached by two men, one carrying a bible. They told the victim they were doing “God’s work” and requested a donation.


When the man opened his wallet to donate money, the suspect not carrying the bible pulled out a revolver and demanded the victim’s wallet. The victim took the cash out of his wallet and gave it to the suspects who then fled east on foot. The suspect went back into the bank for help, and police were called.


Suspect number one, carrying the revolver, is described as a black man about 5’10” with a husky build, clean shaven with short hair, wearing a brown shirt, black pants and a black baseball cap.


Suspect number two, carrying the bible, is described as 5’11” with a husky build, short hair, clean shaven, wearing a black dress shirt, black shoes and a black skull cap.


Neither suspect has been caught, and police are still investigating. There are no reports of similar robberies.


Police say this kind of crime – involving calm, well-dressed men claiming to be doing charitable work – is hard to predict, but people should always remain aware of their surroundings. Police say possible victims can ask for identification or proof of the charity suspects are working for, but in this case, the victim would most likely still have been robbed.  

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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