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Car Burglars Miss Porsche Keys | InstantNewsWestU.com

Car Burglars Miss Porsche Keys

September 1, 2009

West U police arrested two suspects last week in connection with “at least eight, possibly more” motor vehicle burglaries, the theft of a West U resident’s car, and a failed attempt to “hot-wire” a Porsche that had its keys inside.

“It was just a bunch of different things that just came together,” West U Police Lt. Charlie Diely said Monday.

The two-man one-night crime spree ended in the early morning hours of August 26, after an alert West U resident notified police about two suspicious men who appeared to be looting his girlfriend’s car.

 “The resident was doing what he was supposed to be doing, and called police quickly. The officers were doing what they were supposed to be doing. And we got a couple of bad guys off the street,” Diely said.

Diely said that the two men drove into the City of West U early on August 26 in silver Acura that had been stolen last month in Houston from a West U resident. “They stole it in Houston and I guess they brought it home,” Diely said.

The two suspects allegedly broke into several West U vehicles, and then attempted to steal a black Porsche out of an unlocked garage in West U, leaving the stolen Acura in the street to make room for the sporty new get-away car.

“The car out in the street was one they were rolling out of the way so they could get to the Porsche. The Porsche was in the garage, and the car keys were in it. They were ignorant of the fact they keys were in it, and they tried to hot-wire it,” Diely said.

At about the same time, West U officers on patrol noticed the stolen vehicle and the resident alerted dispatchers to the possibility of burglars in the same neighborhood, Diely said.

West U police were assisted by an HPD K-9 unit in making the arrests, Diely said.

“They found one guy hiding in the bushes next to a house, and another man inside an unlocked, vacant garage apartment,” Diely said.

In addition to recovering the stolen Acura, West U police were able to recover property stolen from a motor vehicle that had been burglarized in the 2700 block of Arbuckle. Several other burglaries of vehicles were reported to West U police, including burglaries in the 2600 block of Arbuckle, the 2800 block of Carnegie, the 6600 block of Vanderbilt, the 6500 block of Brompton, and the 2700 block of Centenary.

Diely said that there were “as many as eight, possibly more” car burglaries in West U by the two suspects.

 He noted that none of the vehicles had been locked.

“They were all unsecured. And what these guys got were electronic devices like I-pods, GPS devices, and in one case, they got a pistol. And the garage was an unsecure garage,” Diely said.

“You’ve got to say that they might not be ignorant – that they cannot be stupid,” Diely said. “They were just pulling (vehicle) handles. They were not breaking into anything.”

Diely said residents should learn to lock up personal valuables inside their vehicles’ trunks, and to secure their garage doors.

“Crime prevention starts with the property owner. Lock your stuff up. Put your stuff in the trunk so they can’t see it,” Diely said.

West U police do not know whether the two suspects had committed other crimes in the city, Diely said.

“Obviously, there was a car stolen a month ago that they were driving. But that car was stolen in Houston and they drove it back into West U. Who knows whether they’ve been here before?

“But, you are going to go back to the area where you will catch the most fish,” Diely said.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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