Car Burglar Strikes West U Moms Dropping Kids At Preschool

October 20, 2009

Two women found themselves the victims of car burglaries after they left their purses in their cars to drop their children off at preschool.

The burglaries happened Oct. 16 in the parking lot at 5300 Rutgers Street, around 9:44 a.m. The women left their cars to take their young children to preschool at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, and someone broke a window in both cars and swiped the purses.

“People should know not to leave their stuff in the car,” said West U Lieutenant Charlie Deily. “He probably was just hanging back and as soon as they pulled in, he pulled in. He knew he’d have five minutes of uninterrupted time.”

Another woman found herself the victim of an odd theft. An officer was patrolling in the 4200 block of Lehigh Street and noticed a vehicle parked in a driveway with no tires. The officer talked with the vehicle’s owner, who said “she had heard something earlier, but did not realize that her tires were being stolen,” according to the police report.

Deily said the West U Police Department has dealt with several of these tire-theft cases in the past couple months. Thieves put the cars on blocks, let out the air in the tires and then steal the wheels.

“Make sure you use your garage if you can, or put it in the driveway. If all else fails, put some locks on your wheels,” Deily said. “If you hear something out of the ordinary, please, look. If it looks anywhere odd give us a call.”

Other incidents in the week of Oct. 11 to 17 include:

On Oct. 11, officers investigated a domestic disturbance in the 5300 block of Mercer Street. No one was injured, and police said a person involved in the disturbance gave them conflicting stories of what happened. Officers separated the people for the night.

On Oct. 14, officers went to the Harris County Jail to pick up a prisoner with outstanding warrants in West University Place. They booked the person into the West U Jail.

On Oct. 15, a woman reported to police that someone made charges to her bank card without her permission.

On Oct. 17, officers arrested a man for driving with a suspended driver’s license after pulling over his vehicle for not signaling when he changed lanes.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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