Car Burglar Strikes Seven Cars In Crime Spree

November 17, 2009

In a crime spree overnight on Nov. 9, one or two car burglars stole items from seven cars in a row in the 3800 block of Riley Street and surrounding areas.

“[Police] recovered a backpack that had stolen items in it that we were able to return to the owners,” said David McCurry, West University Place police detective. “Other than that there are no leads and there’s nothing we have that points towards any viable solution to the problem.”

McCurry said that the number of vehicles hit may indicate that more than one thief was involved in the burglary spree. Police didn’t recover all the stolen items in the one backpack, indicating there may have been two loot bags. The suspects didn’t need to break into any of the vehicles — All of them were left unlocked.

“Most of the time it’s usually the case. They leave things visible or they leave their doors unlocked,” McCurry said. “It’s a crime of opportunity is what it is.”

According to crime reports, some of the stolen items included thumb drives, a GPS unit, DVD player, phone charger and more.

“If you leave your car unlocked you’re just giving it away,” McCurry said. “They shouldn’t leave their purses in the car, their wallets, computers … Especially during this time. It’s the holiday season now.”

He said criminals may be on the prowl to break into cars with visible shopping packages.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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