Bus Route Decision Not Up to City Council

July 9, 2014

The West U City Council will discuss METRO’s plan to route a bus down Weslayan, at the July 14 city council meeting. That meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m., at the Municipal Building at 3800 University Blvd.

West U residents are welcome to attend and may sign up to speak during the meeting.

West U Mayor Bob Fry, in the city’s notice of the upcoming meeting, stressed that the final decision on bus routes is up to the METRO Transit Authority Board of Directors.

“We would like to thank all West U residents who have brought forward their feedback and concerns regarding the proposed new route on Weslayan Street,” Fry said. “Your City Council is doing everything it can to ensure Metro addresses our residents’ concerns.”

The city’s notice about the meeting includes this statement:

“Because Weslayan Street is a public thoroughfare, the West U City Council can offer comments to METRO about the proposed route, but cannot reasonably deny its use by METRO. City officials have shared various comments with METRO and residents about the congestion and quality of life issues surrounding the Weslayan route. We continue to work with METRO in providing citizen feedback and discussing possible alternate routes. “

The city’s notice also suggests that residents can attend any of nine upcoming METRO public meetings about its Transit System Reimaging plan, which includes the Weslayan route. A list of those meetings is available on the city’s website and on METRO’s website.

That route will transport riders to and from the West Loop Transit Center to the Northwest Transit Center. The route includes a jog through West U, on Weslayan, between Bellaire Blvd. and Bissonnet.

West U residents who cannot attend the July 14 meeting at West U City Council may submit written comments to Metro on its web-site, at http://transitsystemreimagining.com/web/feedback-on-the-plan/.

West U resident John Cutrer, who alerted many of his neighbors to the proposed Weslayan bus route, has urged them to contact Mayor Fry and other West U city council members about the proposed route. Cutrer attended one of METRO”s earliest public meetings, after the transit authority announced the System Reimagining plan in May.

In a recent email to his neighbors, Cutrer also stated:

“It is important to note that the overall METRO Reimagining plan is a good one, with most riders seeing quicker and more direct routing.  This isn’t about the overall plan; it’s about correcting an unfortunate and very significant flaw in an otherwise good plan.,” Cutrer wrote. “Our City should work with METRO to improve the routing—taking it off Weslayan and proposing that it be rerouted to the much wider Buffalo Speedway (where there currently is a bus route) or Kirby (to better access the Rice Village commercial district). “

Cutrer continued: “This bus will affect more than just those who live on Weslayan.  It will affect everyone who lives west of Poor Farm Ditch as people choose to cut through on College, Auden and Academy to avoid the congestion on Weslayan due to the busses.  As this impacts a great deal of the West University residents, please forward this to as many residents as you can.  I truly believe Mayor Fry needs a great volume of correspondence to understand this isn’t just a handful of people being inconvenienced, but a City of West University concern.”