Buffalo Speedway To Close to Speed Construction

October 21, 2014

Just after the morning rush hour tomorrow, (Wednesday, October 22) Harris Construction Co. will close Buffalo Speedway at US 59 Southwest Freeway in both directions for one month.
The closure is part of an effort to accelerate the road reconstruction project, as the Texas Department of Transportation has agree to provide the contractor with a $10,000 per day financial incentive to complete the project ahead of schedule.
The frontage roads at the Southwest Freeway, both north and south bound, will remain open at Buffalo Speedway.
Hassell Construction Co. has been given until November 21 to achieve substantial completion* of the project. As part of this effort, Buffalo Speedway, the final remaining intersection requiring total reconstruction, will be completely closed (instead of closed in phases) to significantly trim the amount of workdays for the project. Only one through-lane will be available at the intersection, with the left lane will be used for U turns only and the right lane will be use for right turns onto Buffalo Speedway.
Motorists traveling northbound on Buffalo Speedway will be detoured to the US 59 northbound frontage road, U-turn at Kirby, follow the US 59 southbound frontage road to Buffalo Speedway. Those traveling southbound will be detoured to the US 59 southbound frontage road, U-turn at Weslayan, follow the US 59 northbound frontage road to Buffalo Speedway.
The contractor has the potential to earn an additional $10,000 a day for up to seven days if completed prior to November 21. Further, the incentive agreement calls for penalties of $10,000 for each day that work is not complete past November 21, with no maximum.
“Without the total closure, the reconstruction at this intersection could take as much as twice the time now allocated,” said Quincy Allen, TxDOT Houston Deputy District Engineer. “According to the original contract, Hassell Construction has until the spring of 2015 to complete this project. This incentive agreement motivates the contractor to complete the project significantly earlier, to help mitigate impacts on the traveling public and avoid significant construction during the 2014 holiday season.”
Police officers will be onsite and the traffic signals will be adjusted to help minimize the impact on motorists.