Buffalo Speedway Now Open

November 4, 2014

All through lanes of Buffalo Speedway at US 59 were reopened Monday, qualifying the construction company for $70,000 through an incentive agreement.
The Texas Department of Transportation gave Hassell Construction Co. until November 21 to achieve substantial completion of the project. As part of this effort, Buffalo Speedway, the final intersection requiring total reconstruction, was completely closed on October 27 to significantly trim the amount of work days for the project.
“The accelerated work schedule combined with the (financial) incentives and the temporary total closure of Buffalo Speedway helped the contractor to reconstruct a very busy intersection very quickly,” said Quincy Allen, TxDOT Houston Deputy District Engineer.
In addition to the work at the Buffalo Speedway intersection, the contractor is wrapping up work at the Greenbriar and Shepherd intersections. As a result, the US 59 Southwest Freeway northbound exit ramp to Greenbriar is scheduled to reopen, Wednesday.
With the major work at Buffalo Speedway nearing completion, the US 59 frontage road reconstruction project is on pace to be substantially complete before Thanksgiving.
The contractor may need to complete striping and other non-construction punch list items to wrap up the project following the holiday season.
The reconstruction of the US 59 frontage road and intersections between the West Loop and Shepherd/Greenbriar began in the summer of 2013. Significant and costly repairs were needed to replace the heavily traveled frontage roads, which were built in the early 1960s.