Buffalo Speedway Construction Project ‘Coming to a Close’

March 16, 2012

Motorists will soon see the Buffalo Speedway construction project “come to a close” as crews work to finish the project by the end of the month.

According to the Upper Kirby District, the construction project is expected to be complete in the next 10 days.

Over the next week, the Bissonnet intersection is expected to be complete as well as the majority of driveway paving along the west side of the street. Crews have one final pour left to complete the Bissonnet intersection.

With rain in the forecast, crews will be working to remove the last remaining lane overnight tonight so that the area can be framed and prepared for concrete on Saturday.

If all goes according to plan, workers can pour the remainder of the intersection early Monday morning, Upper Kirby Deputy Director Travis Younkin said. That will allow the intersection to cure and be opened to traffic Tuesday ahead of the rains.

The Upper Kirby District started the Buffalo Speedway Improvements Project last February. The $5.6 million project includes the addition of two traffic lanes, storm sewer system upgrades, moving overhead utilities underground and creating a new pedestrian friendly streetscape.

The improvements to Buffalo Speedway, when completed, are expected to improve traffic congestion.

The project includes a beautified streetscape that functions well for pedestrians and cars, Younkin said. The project is the same concept as Kirby Drive between Richmond and Westheimer.

Streetscape improvements include pedestrian lighting, enhanced sidewalks and crosswalks, benches and improved landscaping.

Buffalo Speedway will have trees spaced 25 feet up and down the street.

The project was expected to be complete by November, but because of delays, the project was several months behind, Younkin said.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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