Marquis II Bar Brawl Leads To Five Arrests

October 20, 2009

Five people were arrested on Oct. 14 for getting in a fight with police officers outside of the Marquis II bar in West University Place.

West U. officers arrived at the bar around 12:45 a.m. to help Harris County deputies, who were already fighting with the suspects. The deputies work there as bouncers in their off hours, said West U Lieutenant Charlie Deily.

One man was being kicked out of the bar and his friends, three women and one man, started the fight.

“They came to ‘rescue’ him from the deputies, I guess,” Deily said. “They fought the deputies which, really, it’s kind of stupid.”

The fight was over by the time West U officers arrived.

“We pretty much took the ones who wanted to go to jail, to jail,” Deily said.

Two people were arrested for assaulting police officers, two were arrested for resisting arrest and one person was arrested for interfering with officers.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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