Both City Pools Could Be Shut Down At Once

May 14, 2009

Although the original plan was to open the new Fitness Center pool before closing Colonial Park pool for renovations, Councilman Chuck Guffey told the Senior Board today that the closure may happen sooner. Guffey said the early closure could happen to avoid Colonial pool being closed for use next summer.


Senior Board member Cathy Wright told Guffey that residents have always been told that one pool would be open at all times.


“I don’t think there is any plan to shut us down without any pools,” said Guffey, although the new timeline for the Fitness Center is to have it operational by March 2010. If the city waiting until then to shut down Colonial Park pool, the pool would be closed for summer use. With a proposed 5-month operating schedule, the pool conceivable could be closed until 2011 if the city waits until March to close it.


Mayor Bob Kelly brought up an early closure at the May 11 special meeting of West U. City Council, saying council should “see if there is any way we could get this (Colonial Park) pool going before maybe the other one is even open.”


Originally, it was thought the Fitness Center pool could open without the building being complete, but laws required restrooms at pool facilities make that unfeasible.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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