Bob Fry

April 21, 2009

Current West U. City Council member Bob Fry says one reason he is running for a second term is to give residents a chance to voice their approval or disapproval of council’s performance for the past two years. He also would like to see current projects through to completion.


“I have enjoyed serving very much, and think we have accomplished quite a bit,” said Fry. “I would like to finish what we started.”


Fry, who supported the November parks bond, says his priorities for the next two years would be completion of the $13.8 million parks redevelopment on time and within budget, monitoring city finances closely and maintaining a stable staff.


“We’ve got some pretty difficult financial times now – we have to monitor our city finances very closely and make sure we are spending every tax dollar wisely and that we have adequate reserves,” said Fry. “We have been able to prevent a lot of problems by having a stable, knowledgeable, competent staff, and the way we have been able to do that is to give them our full support n what they do.”


Fry says the city is “very blessed” right now and those three issues are the “biggies” for the time being.


“Who knows what is going to happen next,” said Fry.


InstantNewsWestu Staff

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