Bissonnet reconstruction near Kirby underway

June 7, 2016

Construction work started on Monday at the Kirby intersection, although actual ‘construction’ won’t start until next week, according to the Upper Kirby District Street Talk newsletter.

The work being done this week will be to mobilize equipment and traffic control. Once work starts, the first thing will be the drainage installation and pavement replacement through the Bissonnet/Kirby intersection moving west toward Buffalo Speedway.


The current pedestrian amenities on Bissonnet

According to the newsletter, the project will also include, “a complete concrete road reconstruction with improvements to water, sanitary and storm facilities as well as the Upper Kirby Management District’s installation of a sorely needed pedestrian-oriented streetscape.”

The newsletter points out that the work is needed as pedestrians don’t use that part of Bissonnet.

“Bissonnet has no pedestrians because pedestrian facilities are either inadequate or absent all together,” the newsletter reads.

The project will approximately take one year to complete.