Bike Thief Makes It Easy On Police: “I Just Stole This Bike”

July 9, 2009

West U. police caught a bike thief yesterday, July 8, after the thief took the bike from the victim’s driveway in the 4200 block of Ruskin. According to sources, the victim was Houston Chronicle columnist Ken Hoffman, who was notified of the theft by a yard maintenance worker.


Hoffman flagged down Officer Jack Frisbee in the 6000 block of Community, who found and stopped the suspect in the 5700 block of Academy. According to police, Frisbee told the suspect to stop and get off the bike with his hands out of his pockets. The suspect complied, and then said to Frisbee, “I just stole this bike.”


Dexter Howard, 43 years old, was arrested for theft, which could be upgraded to a state jail felony due to four prior theft convictions. Howard also has drug, assault and traffic convictions.


Police say Howard got off a bus and was walking in West U. when he saw the bike and stole it. Howard told police his intent was to keep the bike.


This is the fifth bike theft in West U. this year, of which three have been recovered. At this time last year, there were 11 recorded bike thefts.  

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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