Emergency Center Offers Medical iPhone App

March 25, 2010

An emergency medical center near West University Place recently teamed with another company to provide local residents with a smart phone application that allows people to evaluate symptoms, learn about possible causes and find appropriate locations for treatment.

The EliteCare 24 Hour Emergency Center, located at 2500 Rice Blvd., near Kirby Drive and University Boulevard, is using a free application called iTriage for the iPhone and Google Android smart phones. EliteCare is open around the clock to provide the same emergency and urgent care available at a hospital’s emergency room.

“A lot of medical issues happen on the go these days and as an Emergency Room we felt it was essential in staying ahead of the curve to embrace this technology,” said EliteCare spokesman Greg Gossett in a statement. “iTriage makes it fast and easy for consumers to make informed medical decisions by putting a vast amount of information at their fingertips.”

An example of the benefit of using iTriage would be if a family member showed signs of bronchitis or has an unexpected injury, the iTriage application would help users quickly make informed decisions about the most appropriate response.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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