Bath Bandit Almost Gets Away with Hygienic Heist

January 22, 2013

More details have been released about a theft that occurred at a West U area CVS.

According to a police report obtained through an open records request, West U police pulled over a vehicle in the 6800 block of Buffalo Speedway on Jan. 12 and arrested a man who had just shoplifted from CVS, 4700 Kirby.

When the officer pulled the driver over, he noticed the suspect rummaging around on the passenger side of the vehicle.

The suspect was asked to step out of the vehicle and the officer noticed that the man was wearing two pairs of pants, the report said.

When the officer patted him down, he found three unopened female deodorants around his ankle being held in by a shoe string.

The suspect told police that he was saving the items “for some girls,” according to the report.

When police searched the suspect’s vehicle, they found multiple unopened bathroom items on the passenger floorboard covered by a pair of jeans and an empty duffle bag. The items were stolen from CVS and totaled $302.33, the report said.

The suspect was arrested and charged with theft.

When the suspect was taken into custody he told the officer that he “only takes the items to sell them for food and gasoline,” the report said.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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