Ashby High-Rise Structural Plans Pass Review, Traffic Plan Again Denied

July 8, 2008

Ashby High-Rise Structural Plans Approved, Traffic Plan Again Denied

Structural plans for a 23-story high rise building at 1717 Bissonnet have been approved by the City of Houston Code Enforcement Division. The plans were re-submitted after they did not pass a June 2 review.

After five plan submittals that began a year ago, the only plan that has not passed review by the City of Houston is the traffic plan. As of now, the project has not received approval for permitting.

“The main thing here we have a series of criteria that we want to make sure they meet, in order for us to make sure we are doing our part to provide everybody equitable solutions,” said Public Works spokesman Alvin Wright.

The Ashby High Rise project has received vigorous opposition from residents in the area, with signs in yards and businesses along Bissonnet urging the project be stopped. The Boulevard Oaks Civic Association has partnered with the Southampton Civic Club to oppose the project, and created the Web site ‘’

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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