AG Settles ‘No-Call’ Complaint Against Houston Contractor

December 18, 2008

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott today resolved an enforcement action against a Houston home improvement contractor who made unsolicited telemarketing calls to people whose telephone numbers appear on the Texas “No-Call” List.


Thomas S. Carmichael, who does business as Discount Construction, is prohibited from continuing to make the unsolicited calls in the future. He must also pay $10,000 in attorneys’ fees and $5,000 in civil penalties for violating the Texas Telemarketing Disclosure and Privacy Act, also known as the Texas “No-Call” law.


The 2001 law allows Texans to register their telephone numbers on a list that telemarketers are generally prohibited from calling.


Carmichael agreed to stop calling Texans whose phone numbers are on the no-call list unless a prior business relationship existed with them. He also must ensure that no other telemarketers contact no-call list numbers on behalf of Discount Construction.


Carmichael routinely solicited business from people on the no-call list even if they had no prior dealings with his business.


The Texas No-Call registry was first made available in January 2002. Effective July of that year, telemarketers were prohibited from contacting numbers that appeared on the registry.


In 2003, the Texas Legislature passed a law permitting Texans to add their cell phone numbers to the list.


Texans whose telephone numbers are on the “No-Call” list and receive unsolicited telemarketing calls from businesses may file complaints with the Office of the Attorney General by calling toll-free 800-252-8011. Complaints may also be filed online with the Texas Public Utility Commission at or by calling toll-free at 888-782-8477.


Texans who want to enroll in the No-Call program can call toll-free at 866-896-6225 or sign up online at

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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