7-Year-Old Boy Gets Locked Out Of House, Flags Down Motorist

July 22, 2010

A motorist driving in the 6100 block of Fordham on July 13 was flagged down by a crying 7-year-old boy who was locked out of his house.

The motorist called West U Police, who arrived at the West U residence and tried to locate the 7-year-old’s parents, who were not home, police said.

The boy’s parents went to dinner and left him at home because he had thrown a temper tantrum.

The officer found a number for his parents at the restaurant, but they didn’t seem too concerned because they had left him home alone before.

When the officer suggested they not leave their son home alone, the father said he did not appreciate their parental advice.

The district attorney’s office and child protective services were contacted, but they couldn’t do anything because the child was not hurt, police said.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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