Two DOAs and Deadly Conduct

February 19, 2014

Dead on Arrival
An officer was dispatched to a residence located in the 2600 block of University in regards to a death investigation. Upon arrival the officer spoke to the decedent’s son who stated his mother was in the master bedroom and that she has currently passed away. Upon further investigation it was discovered that the decedent may have passed sometime during the night.

Deadly Conduct
Officers were dispatched to the 3900 block of Marlowe in reference to an injured person. After investigation it was determined that a suspect recklessly engaged in conduct that placed another in imminent danger of serious bodily injury. The suspect was arrested and charged with Class A Deadly Conduct.

Dead on Arrival
At 7:12 p.m. an officer was dispatched to the 3200 block of Robinhood for a welfare check of a resident. The officer, arrived on-scene and with the assistance of the fire department entry was made through a locked bedroom door and the resident was found deceased of natural causes.

Minor Accident / Failure to stop & give information
At 12:01pm, an officer was dispatched to the 3800 block of University in regards to an accident that occurred sometime over the night. The victim stated she parked her car on the 5900 block of Fordham at 6:00 pm. when she was leaving the next day at 9:00 am, the victim noticed damage to her vehicle. The officer generated a police report for failure to stop and give information and this case is still under investigation.