Police update on door-to-door peddlers

December 4, 2015 By:George Boehme

Local News

The West U Police Department wants all residents to know the rules for door-to-door peddlers. The City of West U requires that all commercial solicitors have a permit issued by WUPD before conducting any door-to-door sales.

Also, the city has a “No Knock” list. A city ordinance lets residents who do not want door-to-door peddlers coming to their house add their address to a do-not-disturb (No Knock) list that is required reading for all registered solicitors. For more information on the “No Knock” list, visit the West U website  at

For more information from The Attorney General of Texas on door-to-door sales, please visit the following link:

3 Responses to “Police update on door-to-door peddlers”

  1. S Moffet Says:

    Girl Scout Cookie Sales start Dec 19th this year. GS is a non-profit and accordingly to the person I spoke with at the city, troops are NOT required to register as solicitors with the city and therefore would not be aware of the “no knock” list. The list can be obtained by troops from the WUPD.

    So those on the “no knock” list please don’t yell scream and throw a fit (all have happened) when a very scared 6 year old has the courage to ask you to buy cookies.

    I will pass along info about the “no knock” policy to my troop.

    If you have a problem contact the Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Did the “No Knock” list help the family who recently got robbed at gunpoint? Maybe, the police should spend their time IN WUP, instead of at Chicken Kitchen and other places? I rarely see police patrolling. Yet, I did see about 5 police surround a disabled senior WUP citizen in the parking lot! Great police work!

    • Brokelyn Says:

      I blame Obama. #BlameObama #TrollsGottaTroll

      Seriously, “Anonymous”, can you be any more pointless? Do you really have a beef with WUPD?? Our Finest are world class. Go live in any other urban area for three years and tell me how that works for you.

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