West University Baptist to Hold Meeting March 6

February 25, 2015 By:Anne Marie Kilday

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This story has been updated since the original posting. 

West University Baptist Church will hold a pre-application meeting about its plans to build an office and classroom building and a parking lot on Amherst, Senior Pastor Roger Patterson said Tuesday in a letter to “Neighbors.”

The meeting will be held at 8 a.m. Friday, March 6, 2015, in the church’s chapel, which is just next to the building’s Milton Street entrance.

In the letter, Patterson explains that West University Baptist Church is making application to the Zoning Board of the city of West U for zoning relief.

“We seek approval to build and office and classroom building and a parking lot at 3826 Amherst. The projected timing of this project would be no less than 10 years from now,” Patterson wrote.

“The purpose of this meeting is to seek input from nearby residents who may be affected by the request for zoning relief,” Patterson continued. “We look forward to sharing our plans with you and seeking your input.”

8 Responses to “West University Baptist to Hold Meeting March 6”

  1. Says:

    Warning to anyone who spoke at the ZPA meeting last Thursday in opposition to granting exceptions to the Church . Asst. City Manager texted names, addresses and notes of speaker’s comments, along with HCAD tax records to “someone” during the meeting. Oblivious to the person standing behind him looking over his shoulder,reading his notes and texts, he was quite the busy little man.

  2. Says:

    No one opposed to the land swap and the youth center is anti-church! The cart is being put before the horse. So confident was the Pastor and our City Manager that residents would ignore the blatant collusion and break ground immediately. One of the speakers at the ZBA meeting on Monday was a woman who pleaded with the Board to not allow the exemption for a parking lot next door to her home. She stated that this had been a trying and extremely emotional experience, as her home for many years is being affected. I glanced at the Pastor for his reaction. He laughed.

  3. david Says:

    he is new to the forum tangley resident! Try a different diatribe!

    • West U Resident Says:

      He’s not new to the forum, David. FJV is Frank Vargas, he’s been posting on here forever. He just used his initials instead of his name, because it’s faster that way.

  4. FJV Says:

    This is absolutely preposterous. A classroom and office meeting on Amherst? What about the Youth Center? How are they so sure that ZBA will approve the Youth Center on the proposed land swap lots?

    So…a classroom and office building AND a youth center all withing one block of each other?

    These people don’t seem to care one iota what they do to our community. Everything they do here results in more traffic at every turn.

    Unfortunately, our current City Council, blatantly guilty of intellectual corruption, is facilitating this whole process. They seem to forget once again as they have done in the past, that they were voted into office to safeguard the interests of the ENTIRE community of West University and not an organization whose large part of its membership includes residents from outside West U. People who come here once or twice a week, who benefit from our city’s infrastructure, who add to our traffic congestion which endangers the safety of our children, who pay no taxes to support our infrastructure, and who couldn’t care less about the impact they have on our community.

    West U City Council doesn’t seem to care either.

    • FJV Says:

      Any intelligent comments other than what you are spoon fed?

    • FJV Says:

      I just realized I was wrong in my thoughts about two institutional buildings.
      The lots for which WUBC is asking for permission to build in the future are the lots they currently own. They can’t build there now because there is a resident-occupied lot where they want to build. They are playing both sides so if they don’t reach a agreement on the land swap (highly unlikely) they can then build there when they finally acquire the last remaining lot they need on Amherst. Smart move I must admit.

    • FJV Says:

      People? Do you speak for the “people”?

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