METRO Plans Bus Route Down West U ‘s Weslayan

June 5, 2014 By:Anne Marie Kilday

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Reacting to concerned residents, officials of the city of West University Place have asked officials of Metro to attend a West U City Council meeting to discuss a proposed new Weslayan bus route .

“We have asked representatives of Metro to come and answer questions that have been raised by residents,” said Maura Leon Barber, Director of Communications for the city of West U.

E-mails and flyers about the Weslayan bus route proposal have been circulating in the city for the last few days, with many residents concerned that the narrow street would become clogged with traffic and pollution.

Weslayan is just two lanes wide between Bellaire Blvd. and Bissonnet St., and homes in West U line the narrow street. Metro’s proposed route #48 would run down Weslayan, as part of a route between the West Loop transit center and the Northwest transit center.

“I think there was a resident who put out some flyers, and those were distributed on the front doors of several homes. So we have had some feedback,” Barber said.

The exact date for the meeting with Metro officials has not been set, and it’s not likely that there is enough time for them appear Monday at the council’s next regularly scheduled meeting, Barber said.

The Harris County Metropolitan Transit Authority has been redesigning its bus service for more than a year. A proposed 5-year draft plan — called the Draft Reimagined Network Plan — was unveiled by Metro in early May.

Metro has already held three public hearings and will hold 13 more hearings on the bus route changes. Metro wants public feedback, before the Metro board reviews the proposed changes and considers whether to approve them. After board approval, the new bus plan could begin next summer.

West U resident John Cutrer, who lives right off Weslayan, said he has been circulating a letter about the Metro bus plan since attending a Metro public hearing a few weeks ago. That meeting was held at the Multipurpose Service Center on W. Gray.

“Since I live off Weslayan, I already see the traffic stacked up well in excess of three blocks at rush hour. With a bus stopping every two blocks, it would just become a nightmare,” Cutrer said.

“Mostly, I’ve just been going door-to-door with this letter and asking people to give their feedback,” Cutrer said.

Cutrer said that Metro’s redesigned bus system “looks like a much better plan regionwide.I’m not a traffic engineer, but this plan is probably a big improvement over what Metro has now.”

A real estate developer, Cutrer recently moved to West U.

However, Cutrer said he thinks Metro “has done a pretty lousy job of making this public. This really has not been very well publicized.”

So, Cutrer said he decided to inform his neighbors about Metro’s proposed route #48, which would travel from the West Loop transit center, down Stella Link, through Weslayan and eventually end up at its Northwest transit center.

“I do know a lot of them (neighbors) have spoken with Metro, or responded on Metro’s web page,” Cutrer said. Since the rest of the hearings “are not really that convenient” to West U residents, Cutrer said he is glad to know that the city of West U is trying to set up a local meeting.

“Getting someone from Metro there will be really helpful,” Cutrer said.

Cutrer said Metro could re-route the proposed plan to Buffalo Speedway, which has four lanes of traffic and homes that are set back farther from the street.

“I am pleased that people are doing what they need to do,” Cutrer said. “Metro has been very upfront that they want comments on their draft plan, and that changes can be made. I am pleased that people are being vocal about it. Because It could really affect us.”

Residents who are interested in Metro’s draft plan, who want to see the schedule of public hearings, or who wish to comment on the plan, can do so at

8 Responses to “METRO Plans Bus Route Down West U ‘s Weslayan”

  1. Panem et Circense Says:

    Whereas I am all in favor of public transportation, I believe that Weslayan is a poor choice for a bus route. Traffic is bad enough there as it is, a bus stooping every two blocks will make it worse. As soon as drivers passing through realize that they can avoid that stop and go situation and get to Bissonnet by taking Academy or College they will do so, thus, increasing traffic on both those streets.
    Both Academy and College are used heavily by children to/from school and Colonial Park . The increase in traffic will result in a dangerous situation.

  2. Andy Says:

    I think this will create not only a traffic nightmare in this part of West U, but also potentially increase crime and pollution. I feel we should all set up a STOP Weslayan Metro campaign similar to Ashby highrise. I would also love to hear the Mayor’s opinion on this matter.

  3. Jeremy Green Says:

    Whatever happened to common sense? Metro’s decisions are made by people with blinders on. What about requesting the help of former West U Mayor Ballanfant, currently on Metro’s Board? Burt would have some inside knowledge relative to running a bus down Weslayan. Maybe we can change the route to run on Nimby’s street.

  4. Lucille Says:

    In the 1940s, there was a bus that ran on Auden and University. Since only a few had cars because the war effort needed the tires, it was our main transportation.

    I believe there is a bus, the 73, that now runs on Buffalo Speedway and University.

    Would a bus on Weslayan run at night? That’s worse than the train horns.

  5. GoldBacon Says:

    Weslayan is a residential street between Bellaire and Bissonnet. The houses (mine included) are only set back about 15 feet from the curb. The big thing though is that it’s only one lane in each direction. Running a bus 36 times a day in each direction on a one-lane street is going to grind traffic to a halt. Frustrated drivers will likely start cutting through the neighborhood to either College or Academy streets to get north-south more quickly. This will affect everybody in the neighborhood – not just those with corner houses or garages opening to Weslayan.

    The best option is for them to run the bus north-south on Loop 610.

  6. Neighbor Says:

    Weslayan is way too crowded, the lights are way too slow! Sending buses down that narrow, crowded, slow street would make a bad street worse!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    The road is too crowded the lights are way to slow–a bus would make a bad street worse!!

  8. Nimby Says:

    Haha…a resident that lives right off Weslayan says don’t send the bus down my street, send it down Buffalo Speedway.
    Now next town council meeting, a resident that lives right off Buffalo will probably suggest it go down Kirby. On and on….

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