City Council to Discuss Hodgepodge of Items on Monday

May 8, 2014 By:Anne Marie Kilday

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A discussion of a “lease agreement” between the city of West University Place and Goode Company Seafood, for the restaurant’s parking lot, is on the agenda of an executive session Monday, May 12 of the West U City Council.

The parking lot is adjacent to the city’s old RecycleExpress, which the city closed in January. The council is not going to discuss the tract of land that used to house the recycling center.

The city has leased a small portion of land, located on Westpark between Dincans and Wakeforest, to the restaurant for several years. That lease is coming up for renewal.

During their regular meeting, the council will consider slight revisions to the city ordinance regulating signs and garbage.

The proposed minor revisions to the sign and garbage ordinances are aimed at helping West U achieve a Silver Certification from Scenic Texas. Scenic Texas is a non-profit organization that promotes visual aesthetics to insure high-quality scenic standards along public roadways and public spaces.

The changes are aimed at ensuring that the sign ordinance is enforceably and easy to understand. The changes to the garbage ordinance are aimed largely at commercially-owned dumpsters at businesses in West U.

The changes would require dumpsters to be “screened” from public view on three sides, with plantings or durable materials.

3 Responses to “City Council to Discuss Hodgepodge of Items on Monday”

  1. miltonwatchdog Says:

    Do they really think we don’t get it? So we shut down West U’s Recycle Program that worked, and how convenient for Goode Company that the Recycle land is now available. Reckon Goode Company will own the lot within a year.

  2. Lucille Says:

    Dumpster space has really evolved. The kind of trash has to be considered although just about everything finds its way into dumpsters. Three stone sides can somewhat hide the area. The newer dumpsters are enclosed with small doors on the sides and tops that can be moved aside (not easily done). However, if the top is closed and the openings on the sides aren’t large enough, the trash ends up outside the dumpster. Some large apartment complexes have compactors housed in large bunker type structures with an opening for trash which requires manually starting the compactor. There is usually only one in a complex. The drawback of both dumpster and compactor is the blocking of the openings.

  3. Y Not? Says:

    Perhaps another view here may be to reconsider this “Lease Agreement” in the context of the newly available combined area. (The parking lot is adjacent to the city’s old RecycleExpress, which the city closed in January.)

    Uses for the COMBINED area as well as increase value/revenue may be worthy of consideration.

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